Precidiag, Inc.

Shaping the future of medicine

Founded to fundamentally change the way that therapeutics are developed.

The founders of the company recognized the important role that the gut microbiome plays in human health and development. They observed that despite the gut microbiome’s central role in homeostasis, the development and regulation of our immune system, and its association with the etiology and pathogenesis of chronic and systemic disease and disorders, it is largely ignored as a potential area of focus for therapeutics.

Thus, the company’s work is focused on the research and development of therapeutics that are informed by a deep understanding of the biological processes of gut microbial populations and the pathways by which they influence our health and well-being.

More broadly, we believe that the impact of microbiome-host dynamics should be a consideration in the development of all therapeutics. We are developing the capabilities to assess the impact of proposed therapeutics on the gut microbiome and the transformative effect of the gut microbiome on the therapeutics.

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