Shaping the Future of Medicine

Precidiag is at the forefront of a revolution in the discovery and development of precision therapeutics for chronic and systemic diseases.

In the past, little was known about the importance of the gut microbiome - the over thirty-five trillion microorganisms that live within the human gut. We now know that these microorganisms play a central role in human health and development.

Precidiag’s proprietary discovery platform utilizes advanced metagenomics, metabolic pathway analysis, and machine learning to discern the pathogenic role of gut microbiota in human health. The discovery of strain-specific, pathogenic, biological pathways provides novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

Precidiag's therapeutics precisely target gut microbiota or microbial products in the gut lumen. Artificial intelligence (AI) is employed to efficiently identify and prioritize the development of both large and small molecule drugs with improved response rates and fewer side effects.

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